Currently working on a series of podcasts for the Department Parks and Wildlife WA about the Fitzgerald River National Park in south-west Western Australia.


I have just been working on a collaborative sculpture. "The Prostitution of Time" with Darmin cameron. You can see details of the work in progress here.


I live in a small hand built cabin in the forest on the outer rim of an extinct volcano in the Northern Rivers NSW Australia.

I am a wonderful mix of nerd gnome and earth elf.

My tech is solar powered.

I grow.

I don’t love my iphone but I do like it a lot.

I like the word android.

I like steam and punk.

Digital Art, Photography, poetry, soundscapes, video, film, sculpture and multimedia installation and performance, are some of my creative outlets…. I mean art is life is art…

With my art I tend towards the following subjects;

The human condition, environmental concerns, the influence of digital evolution, human/digital interaction and future eco-tech.

I thrive on challenge, strive for peace and seek harmony.

I like to express my belief that beauty is everywhere you look.